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Don't even think about testing your new product if you're not 100% sure that you have the best possible ad you can!


I've been using EcomVideos for 3 months now and I am very satisfied with their work. I definitely plan to use them in the future too.John Verum (100k subs on YT)

You are not sure what’s the problem, your store, a product or a video ad

Ecommerce or Dropshipping business can be very tough. 

There’s nothing worse than spending weeks on building your store and finding the right product just to find out that your ads don’t convert.

What would it feel if every time you test a new product you know that you have the best possible creative and you just have to optimize your store or to find a new product? 

It would definitely reduce a lot of stress for you and save you both time and money that you can use for other, more important things.

That’s why we at Ecom Videos have created a specialized team of video editors and copywriters who will create high-converting video ads for you. 


What you get by working with us

We’ve done over 11.500 dropshipping video ads over the last 12 months for 1.000+ clients and if someone knows what works and what doesn’t, that’s us.

We have an 83% retention rate which means that 83% of our clients order more than once. Why would they order again if they didn’t see results with the first ad?

But you probably don’t care about this, and you shouldn’t.
You care about whether we can solve your problem or not.

So let’s see how our ads will help you:

  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have the best possible ad

  • You’ll have more time to spend on website optimization and product research

  • You’ll have more cash in your hands at the end of the day

  • You’ll feel much better about your business and life because of previous reasons


Our services

We can create Video ads for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Tiktok. No matter which platform or format you use for promotion, we can create an ad for that.

Besides these services, we can also create Picture ads, branded GIFs for your product page and write FB ad copy. So you basically have everything you need to never again worry about your creatives.

You can check below some of our main packages but if you want to see pricing for all services, click on this button and create a free account.


Single Video Ad

  • Facebook & Instagram friendly
  • Engaging first 3 seconds
  • 30-50 seconds length
  • 2 FREE revisions
  • FREE BONUS: 1 Thumbnail
  • Delivery time: 2-4 days ($10 extra for 48h)
  • 10% discount for 5+ videos
  • 15% discount for 10+ videos
  • Copy translation to any language included

Split testing (4 variations)

  • Facebook & Instagram friendly
  • Engaging first 3 seconds
  • 30-50 seconds length
  • 2 FREE revisions
  • FREE BONUS: 4 Thumbnails
  • Delivery time: 2-4 days ($10 extra for 48h)
  • 10% discount for 5+ videos
  • 15% discount for 10+ videos
  • Copy translation to any language included

Satisfaction 100% guaranteed!

What if you don’t like the ad or Facebook doesn’t approve it?

We get this question every day… You’re covered! If you don’t like the ad or Facebook doesn’t approve it you get 2 free corrections from us.

We understand that time is very important in the dropshipping business so we send all corrections in less than 24h! If you want more than two corrections, you’ll have to pay just $5 per correction after that, and we can do an unlimited number of corrections for you.

Also one very important thing is that we work 24/7/365, even on holidays. We are aware of how much good support is important in this dropshipping business, so our team is here 24h a day to answer any questions.

What now?

We don’t want to pressure you, if you’re not still ready to try us out, that’s totally okay.

But if you want to save both time and money in your dropshipping journey:

1) you just have to create your account (10-sec process).

2) choose any package you want and place your order.

3) Complete a questionnaire with all the important information.

And we’ll send you your video ad in less than 48h!

All you have to do now is click on the link below and create a free account! 



of our clients have order more than 1 video ad


different ads over the last 12 months


clients who've worked with us so far


Yes, we can do ads in any language. We will write the script in English, translate it, and send it back to you. Then you can check the translation and confirm it and we’ll put it in the video. The price is the same as for a regular video ad.

Yes, we do! For every dollar you spend with us you get 15% back in credits! That means if you spend $300, you earn $45 that you can spend with us.

We know how much it’s important for dropshippers to have available video editors at any time of the year so that’s why we work every day, including weekends and holidays!

You just have to provide us with the product link, your logo, and any additional notes you might have. We will create a high-converting ecommerce / dropshipping video ad for you.

If you order 3-4 ads at once, you get 5% OFF. If you order 5-9 ads at once, you get a 10% discount and if you order 10+ ads at once, you get a 15% discount on the entire order.

We don’t currently film video ads but we plan to introduce that service in the future. If you’re interested in that, send us an email at support@ecom-videos.com with the subject link: “custom video ad”. 

The delivery time varies depending on the package you choose. Delivery can be between a few hours (earliest) and 4 days (latest).

Yes! If your ad is not approved or you don’t like the first version of the ad we’ll do up to 2 free corrections for you. After that, you’ll have to pay $5 per each and in that case can do as many corrections as you want.

Our refund policy is very simple and clear. If you request a refund within 30 minutes of ordering, we will be happy to refund you. The reason why this period is so short is that we start working on your videos immediately so that we can deliver them as soon as possible.

Once a video is created, a refund is not possible. Videos created and delivered to clients cannot be returned because there is no way to recoup the costs after the job has been done. Although we have a strict refund policy, we offer 2 free revisions for each video ordered.

For any questions regarding the refund, send an email to support@ecomvideos.com

Our videos range from 0:30 – 0:60 seconds.

Yes, we try to use just copyright-free materials for our video ads but since there is a lot of online footage for which is not clear whether it’s copyright-free or not so we can not guarantee that 100% of our content will be copyright-free.

Even though we haven’t had any similar cases, we must inform you that if anyone contacts you regarding copyright issues or you have any other problems, it is 100% your responsibility and not ours. If this concerns you, please don’t use our service.

We are well informed about what Facebook permits and what it doesn’t so we try to create video ads in accordance with their policies. However, if they reject your ad, you will have the right to 2 free revisions with us.